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As you should know by now Save Local Now offers 9 different products to help your small business compete with large marketing budgets. If you aren’t familiar with these 9 products you could always set up a training to learn how these products could benefit your business. But I digress…the bottom line is while some of these products will work behind the scenes and save you time and effort, most of them will gain a whole lot more traction if you follow one simple step. Here it is, are you ready?

**…*…Tell your customers!…*…**

Save Local Now gives you the tools and products you need at a price you can’t beat ( FREE! ) but that doesn’t mean we’re magic. The best way to get people in your community to shop locally is to tell them about Save Local Now!

It starts in your business. Tell all your employees about Save Local Now and that they should use it and promote it to customers and friends. Make sure they know there is an app and a website and even set them up as a user on your account if you want to ( we can help with that ).

Then, make sure both you and your employees are telling ALL of your customers. word of mouth is the best way to get things out but even if you cant personally talk with every customer, make sure they are getting a rack card to tell them a little bit more about how they can save local (right) now! Your chamber should be able to supply you with these rack cards-all you have to do is ask. When you tell people about Save Local Now, your business, as well as the whole community benefits! So make sure you remember this one key tip and spread the word!

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AliciaAlicia is one of the member engagement managers for Save Local Now. She hails from Northeast Ohio but loves to travel and immerse herself in new cultures. Alicia is the free spirit of the $LN team. Her most important task is to keep the office lively and relaxed.

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